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Raleigh R. Pinskey & James Malinchak
College Speaking Success

Raleigh R. Pinskey Interviews James Malinchak:

College Speaking Success-Learn How You Can Start Making BIG Money Speaking at Colleges!

Raleigh Pinskey Interviews James Malinchak:

Listen to Raleigh R. Pinskey & James Malinchak

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Creating Your 8-Second Power Pitch

Marketing Your Message to the Media & Others

101 Ways to Promote Yourself

Power PR System Toolkit - “Your PR PhD”

Serious Tools
for Success

505 Kritical Keys-Pieces to the Viz-Ability Puzzle

How To Achieve Celebrity Status With The Media

Maximize Your Biz-Ability Thru Viz-Ability

Now That You've Got PR What Do You Do Next

101 Ways to Get on TV & Radio Talk Shows System

101 Ways to Get on Talk Shows

PR Must Have

101 Ways to Write Foolproof Media Releases

Now That You've Got PR What Do You Do Next?

Joint Venturing with the Media for Fame & Fortune, Profit & Prestige

Marketing Fusion

More PR/Marketing Survival Tips-Four Teleseminars

How To Get Media Attention When You're Speaking Out of Town

PR Things To Do If You Can't Get On Oprah

Book Promotion

Book Promotion Made Easy-5 Part Audio Stragegies Set

Building Blocks To Book Promotion

From Pen To Publishing To Promotion

Book Promotion Advanced Strategies-1 & 2

How I Sold 100,000
Books of 101 Ways to Promote Yourself... So Far

101 Professional Secrets for Book Signing Magic

Internet Marketing

101 Ways to Sell Your Book and InfoProducts on the Internet

101 Ways to Market Your Business & Yourself on the Internet

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