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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we know you are the right speaker for us?

A: You can get a taste of who I am and what my presentation will look and sound like from my video and audio demo. If, after you read the audience letters and the testimonials you still have questions, then we can talk further about how I can meet your needs and the needs of the audience. By that time we both will know.

Q: What makes you different from the other people who talk on the same topic?

A: My slant is what's different. I have been a visibility marketing specialist since 1974. I've promoted Paul McCartney, Sting, Robert Klein, Soap opera stars, marches down New York's 5th Avenue, Callan Pinckney's Callanetics, the original singing telegram company Music Box, Fancy Fortune Cookies, the $5,000 collectable Marilyn Monroe doll, and The Bronx Zoo's A Great Snake named Jake . . . to name a few. I don't just do promotion, I do pizzazz.

Q: Can you present different programs on the same day?

A: The program options on my one sheet and the chapter in my books will attest to that. I'm not an expert on everything, but as long as it is in my purview, I know I can deliver a high content, entertaining, enthusiastic speech on it.

Q: How long is your talk? If necessary can you cut or expand your presentation at the last minute?

A: A promotions person isn't worth their salt if they can't meet the needs of their audience. Options is my middle name.

Q: What size audience are you comfortable with?

A: Big or small, short or tall. I've spoken to 12 people and to 12,000. But no matter how many people are in the audience I'd like you to understand this. To me, each audience has but one person in it.

Q: Do you customize your talks?

A: Yes, but I like to call it personalizing my talk.

Q: I see from your client roster that you speak to diversified audiences rather than a niche audience. How can you effectively address so many different types of industries and still be industry specific?

A: My topic is on promotion. Everyone needs to promote him or herself. I take the universal applications of my trade and personalize them to the needs of each industry. I do this with audience surveys, reading the industry literature, personal interviews and on site visits where appropriate.

Q: What do you want your audience to take away with them?

A: Since I personalize my programs to meet your needs, that really depends on what you want them to take away.

Q: What is your goal?

A: My first consideration is to meet your goal. To this I factor in to educate, entertain, enlighten, and be so good at it that, not only do you ask me back, but that you'll think enough about me to refer me to your colleagues.

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Thank you, Raleigh R. Pinskey, for your PR Guidance. Anytime you get an 'above the fold' headline on the front page of a major newspaper it's an amazing accomplishment. Thanks for your guidance, your attitude, your professionalism and your hard work.

-Toni Fleisher, Arizona Commission for Post Secondary Education



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